Meet Douglas Henley of ‘’Doo-Rite Robotics”

GHMMF: Tell me what your project/exhibit is about.

img_0009DH: My exhibit will show that I give new life to discarded or forgotten objects. My sculptures average two-feet in height and have a humanoid likeness or that of a robot.  The exhibit will display my creations and visitors will be able to identify many household items found in my sculptures.

GHMMF: What inspired you to start working on your project?

DH: I’m an avid HO model train enthusiast with a layout in my basement.  A typical layout can take many years to complete and because of the details, kit building, wiring, etc. some never get to the stage of completion.  I guess I wanted to complete something in a short amount of time and display it.  I also wanted to make something that others could display in their homes or offices, so that the joy that I had making the item could translate to someone else, somewhere else.  Ironically as I think about what got me inspired it was my wife that always saw a face when looking at the front of a car, this became a cool activity for us to see if the design of a particular car had eyes, a nose, a mouth etc. Then one day when I was about to discard an old Apple wireless router, I held the piece up and I saw a face or a face saw me…….I showed my wife and we agreed that this old piece of computer equipment had an expression.  I then found a body (an AT&T router), I had an old handle of a portable steamer hose and when split apart it became legs and with these pieces I put together my first robot and named him, Johnathan.

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